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I'm Daniel Oliver
Norwegian filmmaker 
looking for stories to tell

I traveled to Val, Thorens and made this for London Business School. The next year I did it again, with two friends and cinematographers - Cem and Danny.

Dear visitor, I need your help.

I went to filmschool in Brisbane, Australia, where I became the first bachelor student produce two master films in one semester. Then I went on to use all my savings in a big scene in Bollywood. I had 70 creatives on set and blew up 3 cars. I also blew up my budget.


Now I'm on a quest to make the money back.

However, I only work with positive people on projects I believe in. If you are one of them, I'd love to meet for a coffee or Skype.

Say hello!

Booking, contact, schedule Skype.
I look forward to meet you!

Tel: +47 48400860

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